10 Things That You Can Do If You Have Some Free Time


If you are involve in the electronics repair work, I’m sure you have come across a time or season where there was less work- meaning to say your repair business move quite slow. If you have plenty of jobs then I wish you all the best and more to come. For those who are affected by the slow of business means that you will have some extra time and this article is written to give you some ideas what you can do with the extra time. If you are a students or just an electronic hobbyist you too could learn some new ideas from the article below.

1) Calling and visit your repair friend

How long have it been that you did not call or visit your repair friends? Doing only on the repair work will not help in the long term as we really need repair friends to share our experience and expertise so that our friends will also share it back to us. This is where we can learn some latest repair tips and what is happening in the repair world. Not only that, who knows you will be given a business opportunity by your repair friends. You have to make the first move and do not wait for your friends to call you. Even send a courtesy email will helps too. Just last week I chatted with a repair friend through phone and the topic was about China repair industry and I’ve got some really good info from him.

2) Attend Courses and Seminars

You could attend those short courses or any seminars that you think can benefit you or your company. It must not be related to electronics, it can be about “how to manage your company”, “Self-improvement”, “Make money from …….” and etc. However, if you think the short courses could improve your repair work then go sign up and learn as much as you can and practice it in your company. The tips you have learned could help you to solve electronics problem faster and branch out to repair more type of equipment.

3) Renovate or upgrade your office/working place

If you know that the repair business is slow due to seasonal factor like festival season, then you can take some of this time to do some minor or major renovation/upgrade work to your company. After working in the same environment for such a long time you may find that your working place could be dull and no more excitement because seeing the same thing every day for so many years. A change in the design or work place could truly refresh you.  Besides, the new design could impress your customers.

4) Marketing Strategies

Take this time to think of how to bring in more sales and customers. Every product needs a different way to market it. Even if you are the best repairer and no one knows about your service or existence there will be no items for you to repair. Do your homework and read those marketing books and apply it. Recently I have created a new website about repair courses and I will be advertising it with the help of local newspaper and place a banner in the most visited websites in my country. I do not know how the outcome is but I have to try it. If it brings in lots of students then I will continue to use the services.

5) Building your own gadget or test meters

I’m sure you are constantly searching or looking for any new tester in the market so that it can help to speed up your repair work. If you have the time you can build one on your own and this can save you some money since you have the extra time. There are many type of testers that can be found from the internet and many of it have the schematic diagrams and parts list. Take this time to build the tester and also find a way on how to improve the workbench to make it more efficient in term of placing the tools, meters and all the cable connection.

6) Writing your own book

If you know a subject very well and you have the time why not try to write a book or even an eBook to sell? If you could find a publisher that is willing to print and market your book then I suggest that you go for it. Or you could write it in ebook pdf format just like what I’m doing now-selling ebooks from my websites. You have to know this that buyers do not just buy a book, they are buying your experience. They wants to learn from you, how you have solved a problem, how you diagnose a fault and etc. They are willing to pay you to cut short their learning curve. If you have a book with an interesting topic that has great demand, your sales will be exploded.

7) Reading repair books

How many books have you bought and still do not have time to read it? This is the good time to read as many books as possible so that your knowledge can be upgraded. Write down all the important points and if possible practice it. Just by doing the repair work without updating your self will only make yourself stagnant and your repair knowledge will not go any further. Browse through Amazon dot com and check out if there is any repair subject that is related to your repair work. Investment on the right books will surely add lots of good knowledge to you.

8) Take a short holiday

I don’t want you to be a robot or a money making machine. As mentioned above, if your business is slow due to seasonal factors then I suggest that you take a short holiday with your family. Find time for them so that you and your family can relax and the bonding will be very good between your wife and your kids. Many times when a human in a relaxation state they tends to have lots of good ideas pop up in their mind and you may come up with a sure fire way or ideas that can make more profits to your company and etc.

9) Find more repair forum to join

If you have not been to any repair forum then find one. There are lots of repair forum that can be found from the internet. Participate and contribute-please do not go to forum and only ask for schematic diagrams and then say thank you. Please don’t have the “I want or give me” mindset-try contributes your experience and knowledge to the community first. Later on you will definitely be rewarded with lots of good friends, repair information, business contact and etc. If you are a seasonal forum visitor/moderator then try to find a new forum to join. Who knows the new forum have much more information than the current one-never join never know.

10) Getting new business

If you are currently repairing one or two equipment, why not take in more equipment to widen your profits. Take this time to bring in the new equipment and practice to repair it. Download the schematic and analyse and check where to find parts and etc. Do your homework first because understand the equipment well will cut short your repair time and also bring in more income for you or your company.

Conclusion- Read this article again and begins to practice on the area that you find it to be most suitable to you. Remember, one has to make things happen and not wait for things to happen. Plant these words into your mindset and it will surely bring positive result to you. That’s all for this month article and see you again next month.



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