Fantastic BLUE ESR Meter/Low Ohms Meter

Designed By Bob Parker

As An Electronic Repairer You Must Own This Testing Equipment In Order To Save Your Troubleshooting Time!

blue esr meter

 The Blue ESR Meter


The Blue ESR meter kit is perfect for any electronics repair technicians, engineers or hobbyist. This handy and affordable meter measures electrolytic capacitor equivalent series resistance (ESR) in the circuit. ESR is a very important characteristic of capacitors greater than 1 microfarad. This meter makes measurements which are often impossible to check with standard digital capacitance meters. This meter kit offers the easiest and simplest assembly on the market. All components are on the solder masked PC board, and on board diagnostics detect assembly errors.

This new blue esr meter have a longer battery life and the best part is you can check electrolytic capacitors on board (while the capacitors is still in-circuit) and this truly save your troubleshooting time. Even though you can remove the electrolytic capacitor from the board and test it with a digital capacitance meter, the result might still mislead you. That means a bad cap, your digital capacitance meter will read it as a good capacitor. But with this Blue ESR Meter, you can directly measure the electrolytic capacitors while it is still on board and provide you with an accurate reading.

blue esr tester


  • Measurement range: 0.01 to 99 ohms, auto-ranging. 
  • Peak voltage across capacitor under test @ full scale: 100mV.
  • Update speed: 4 readings/second.
  • Power supply: 9 volt battery (not included). 
  • Controls: Single push button for power on/off and zero.
  • Dimensions: 5.75x3.5x1 inches (147x86x24mm).

blue esr tester


  • Tests electrolytics in circuit, & test leads are non-polarized. 
  • Test lead resistance compensation.
  • Automatic power off when reading is unchanged for 3 minutes.
  • Low battery voltage warning.
  • Easy-to-read, high brightness 0.5 inch (13mm) piercing blue LED display.
  • Chart of good capacitor ESRs on the front panel for easy reference!

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Kit includes all electronic parts, enclosure, solder masked pc board, labels, test clips, alignment and test resistors.

esr meter



 blue esr tester