Electronic Repair Workshop


 electronic repair workshop

Electronic repair components

Before you begin to repair any electronic equipment, you need a conducive work area where you can perform your repairs. The requisites of a good workshop are as follows:


The workshop should have 3 pronged (grounded) electrical outlets, good lighting and well-ventilated. Your work area needs a very good lighting system. Some electronic equipment uses Surface Mount Devices (SMD) which is very small, thus making it difficult to identify the value or part number. Without good lightings, you will have trouble identifying its components.


It should be well-equipped with test instruments and tools, and should have sufficient storage space for spare parts and related accessories.  







Floor material should be anti-static, non-sticky, easily cleaned and non-slippery. It should be kept clean of dust, dirt, webs, insects, etc.


The workshop should have fire extinguishers and a first-aid kit box.


The workbench should be equipped with a complete power strip with surge protectors, fluorescent lighting and a magnifying lamp. A magnifying lamp does not only provide light, but also makes it easier to read component markings.


The workbench also should have sufficient space for keeping test instrument, tools, soldering iron and the set under test.


There are many other accessories that makes electronic repairing easier, which includes jumper cables, power cords and chemicals just to name a few.



Good planning of a workshop will make people enjoy working there!!!