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Hi there fellow electronic repairer!

I'm Jestine Yong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - your host and chief editor of ERG (that's me pictured below).

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I started this site in November 2006, not just a electronic repair site, but also as a resource to help fellow technicians and engineers to shorten the usually fairly steep learning curve especially for those who are new in this repair field. Please don't assume that this website is just for Computer Monitor Repair, in fact it covered everything about electronics. No matter what electronic repair line you are in, you still need to fully understand how electronic components and circuit work, the right way to test electronic components when it breakdown before you can proceed the repair job.

I'm just using Computer Monitor as a guide to show you how you can troubleshoot electronic problems the easy way. For example, all electronic equipment (Television, DVD, VCD, VCR, Oscilloscope and etc) needs power supply to function, and with the help from this website, i hope you will be able to tackle the power supply problems fast without wasting unnecessary time searching for a complete solution. Once you had learned the repair trick, you can follow the same procedure to troubleshoot other type of equipment.

Sometime I wish that i could repair all kind of electronic equipment but the facts is we cannot be 'Jack of all trade master of none'. Just specialize in one or two electronic equipment, concentrate on them and be focus and i can assure you that you could make the most money out of these field. If you have some extra time, i do encourage you to learn new things and move out of your comfort zone. You will be glad that you really did!


If you want to know more information about what's going on behind the scenes at ERG, please visit my Blog: "Electronic Repair Tips For Technicians And Engineers"



My own knowledge of electronic repair comes from studying books written by the experts, visiting forum, sharing with fellow repair friends, doing research and development on how to solve electronic circuit faster, repair Computer Monitor and power supply and many more. Although i hold a Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, i could say that it touched very little on electronic repair because the course covered lots of theory and subject, unless you want to work in big semiconductor factory as design engineer and other post. 

What made me excel in electronic repair is the fire or passion in me. From the electronic repair main page, i've already mentioned that i loved electronic since in the early days. One also should not give up if you come across obstacles in electronic repair, press on and the success will be waiting for you.

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