Compaq Presario laptop repair. Model: CQ61  

A Computer programmer called me the other day and asked about a problem that he was facing with a laptop. I asked him to come by my shop so I can see the problem and give him my opinion about it. A few minutes later, he showed up to my shop and showed me the laptop. It was completely dead. When plugging the charger, the power button does not give any indication that it was working. I explained to him that I need to open it and find out what was wrong.

compaq laptop repair

There was a lot of screw in this laptop. Most of the screws were on the bottom of it but once I took the bottom off, I could see more on the inside. Some screws for the keyboard and others for the inner parts of the laptop. Once you expose the keyboard, you will find more screws in there. The idea was to get to the main board to see what was wrong with this laptop and why it was not powering on.

compaq laptop motherboard


compaq laptop mainboard

Finally, I could see the motherboard and now it is time to do the volt testing. I could read 19.95 coming in the power jack and it is going all the way deep into the laptop. I could read 3.3 volts on the three terminals of the main power battery indication a working power supply and battery. There were no burnt marks or anything to indicate a problem in the mother board. But I have seen the same problem in almost all the laptops. There were two black parts on boards that says (330 93QR d) on them and on the board, it said PC 11 and PC 12. They look like diodes and but there were not. I could not find any explanation on them what so ever. 

When checking them with a multi meter, it gives me a long beep indicating short in them but when de soldering them off board, it reads a long beep then it stops. The main thing here is I could read the 19.95 volts on one side but not on the other side. My guess, I think they were fuses that look like diodes. I soldered them off and replaced them with a used one that I got from another laptop, the computer came on.


This article was prepared for you by Waleed Rishmawi, one of our ‘Master Authors’ and currently working in the Bethlehem area of Palestine repairing electrical and electronic equipment. By the way if you have any good repair article that you want me to publish in this blog please do contact me.

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