Sony alarm clock/radio with no audio repaired. Model: ICF-C05IP  

A lady who just came from the United States brought back this Sony alarm and radio device with her but the moment she plugged it in power, everything was working fine except there was no sound coming out of the radio speaker.

alarm clock

First thing to do was to check with the ohm meter if the speaker was working or not. I got a 16 ohm reading and that what was written on the body of that speaker. I plugged the speaker into another device and it was working fine. I have seen it in my line of work, even if you get the right reading, it might not be working at all.  

I established the fact that the speaker is in good working condition, my next step was the power amp IC. The part number is TDA 2822L. On pin 2 which was the VCC input, there was a 8 volts reading. That tells me it was getting the right voltage but seems like the problem is in the output pins. The only way to check the output of this IC is by using the scope and see if there was any sound waves there. When testing with the scope there was no reading what so ever. This was the confirmation needed to repalce the power amp IC.  

alarm clock repair

As you can see it in the photo, it was not hard to replace at all. I could not find the same exact replacement but I was able to find TDA2822M. The letter at the end was the only difference on this IC. I checked the specification on that IC and compared it with the bad one. It was the same exact thing.  

Once I replaced it, and powered up the device, I could hear some sound coming out. I put the volume up and it was loud and clear.  

This is one of the easy fix that came to my shop this week. I was glad it was easy repair. The money was not that good but the joy of well done repair, gave me all the satisfaction that I need. See you in the next repair challenge.   



This article was prepared for you by Waleed Rishmawi, one of our ‘Master Authors’ and currently working in the Bethlehem area of Palestine repairing electrical and electronic equipment. By the way if you have any good repair article that you want me to publish in this website please do contact me.  


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