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Order Of BLUE Ring Tester

blue tester



Blue RING Tester kitset (soldering required)

Only USD52.00 (excluding shipping charge)



Blue RING Tester fully assembled and tested

Only USD65.00 (excluding shipping charge)


There are two choices of Blue Ring Tester for you to choose ie; the kitset and the fully assembled one. If you have decided to fix the kitset yourself then these are the tools needed:

  • Solder iron with small tip (40 - 60 watts is ideal)

  • Rosin core solder

  • needle nose pliers

  • wire stripper

  • wire cutters - small diagonal cutter is ideal

  • #1 phillips screwdriver

Assembly time will be 1 to 1.5 hours with average soldering skill. 

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Choose Your Country





Shipping charge-USD10.00 



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Shipping charge-USD16.00



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Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Taiwan,Thailand

Shipping charge-USD28.00



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 USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan

Shipping charge-USD29.50


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Europe and Africa Continent

Shipping charge-USD49.00



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Central and South America, Middle East, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Shipping charge-USD55.00



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We are using Air Freight Service (4 to 8 working days) to send the Blue Ring Tester to you. Note: For Malaysia buyers we are using local courier service.

air freight

If your country is not listed above and if you wish to order more than one unit then please send me an email at jestineyong(at) and i will work out a price for you. By the way, you may need to check from your country to see how many percent of tax you need to pay for test equipment.Thanks!

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