DLP TV Repair- No Power and Shutdown Symptoms

This month repair article is about DLP TV repair. DLP stands for Digital Light Processing and the DLP sets are usually lower in price than plasmas and LCDs. I personally have not repair any DLP TV before but for Damon he is a pro on this TV set. You can click on this Wikipedia link for more information about DLP TV and you can view the video below to check on the comparison between LCD TV, Plasma and DLP TV:

Let's check out the DLP article below:

dlp tv repair

Pic 1
Damon is servicing a DLP tv that has a 2 part problem. The first problem is the tv is dead, there is high dc voltage on the primary side of the psu theres no low dc voltage or stand-by voltage at all.

dlp tv troubleshooting

Pic 2
Upon troubleshooting the psu Damon discovered a shorted power rectifier and open/burned metal film capacitor (104j). Also cold & dry solder joints near filter capcitors.


Pic 3
After installing new rectifier, metal film cap, and resoldering dry joints the tv turned on and powered up normally, but then the tv would shut down after about 1 minute. Damon has pulled out the light engine and is now going to troubleshoot the colorwheel rotating function.

dlp tv repairs

Pic 4
After examining the colorwheel Damon has noticed a slight squeeking sound while spinning the colorwheel with his fingers. Any sound like that from a colorwheel means it needs to be lubricated or replaced. The colorwheel is not spinning at the correct rpm frequency.

dlp television repair

Pic 5
Damon has decided to replace the colorwheel with a new OEM replacement wheel assembly. Damon will repair the faulty colorwheel some other time and use it for a future servicing job.

dlp television troubleshooting

Pic 6
After servicing the psu and replacing the colorwheel the tv stayed on with no problem, however the picture looked a bit dim. The dimness wasn't an electronic problem, it was due to a very dusty lamp lense cover and a bulb on its way to burning out.

dlp tv repair and troubleshooting

Pic 7
Cleaning the lamp cover and replacing bulb gave the picture brightness new life again. This tv is 100% serviced and functioning like new.

The above repair article was contributed by Damon (USA) who is a specialist in LCD TV, DLP TV and Plasma TV Repair. If you have not check out his ebook on Plasma TV repair then click on the ebook photo below for more information. Currently he is writing another repair book which will be completed very soon.

By the way, if you have any good repair article that need to be shared with fellow ERG members please do send me an email. I will review the article and if the content is good I will publish it.


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