Interview With Bougrine-Professional Electronic Repairer From Morocco


Jestine Yong- How are you?


Bougrine- I’m fine, thank you




Jestine Yong- Which country are you from and how long have you been in this trade?


Bougrine- I’m from Morocco. About 19 years of practice.




Jestine Yong- How’s life as an electronic repairer?


Bougrine- You know Jestine, I have” lost” five years in the university studying human behaviour, finally my real job is electronic behaviour. I like electronic.




Jestine Yong-At least you have that 5 years of experience about human behaviour. Okay so how difficult is it for you to get started initially?


Bougrine- It was not easy in the beginning, but in my progression, things become easy with experience.


 electronic repair workplace



Jestine Yong - Where is your company located? And what kind of services you are providing?


Bougrine- I’m working for other society in dental supply equipments. And I’ve my work shop at home, giving services and repairing CRT Tvs, camcorders LCD monitors, LCD and plasma tvs, camcorders, ships radio, Sterilizers and all kind of recent electronic equipments.





Jestine Yong- That’s a lot of equipment! Did you have any experience working in a corporate line, or any other jobs you’ve done before other than electronic repairing?


Bougrine- Yes, I have had experience in a pharmaceutical company.




Jestine Yong - What is your education background? Or do you learn the repair on your own or from a Guru/courses/forum/books and etc?


Bougrine- In 1988 I got my degree in psychology at the age of 25 years, I had followed parallel courses in electronics- I bought the courses, and I also studied the behaviour of semiconductors to understand the logic of failures in each stage: supply voltage, decoder PAL / NTSC / MESECAM / SECAM and audio amplification audio and Video, and I made a pre-registration in Canada for a Ph.D. in neurosciences. I had an internship at a pharmaceutical company in Casablanca. In 1991, for reasons I committed myself Electronics Repairer



Jestine Yong- How many staff do you have now?


Bougrine- I’m working alone.


men at work



Jestine Yong - Which electronic repair website you frequently visited and why do you like it?


Bougrine- Many electronic repair websites, like ,  I have also my database as The Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits from 1999 until now. I also have Semiconductor Data Handbook from Third edition and various electronic circuit diagrams. In dentistry, I have the technical services diagrams of each equipment that I install.




Jestine Yong - Which type of Electronic Equipment you consider yourself expert in?


Bougrine- Throughout my career, I never had problems. My service is guaranteed.




Jestine Yong  - How much time do you spend on equipment before you give up? Why do you give up?


Bougrine- It depends on the device. I always end up repair to 90%. Dental equipment repair is 100%.




Jestine Yong  - Wow! That’s a very high percentage especially the dental equipment. What kind of test equipment do you use in electronic troubleshooting?


Bougrine- I have a Hameg 30Mhz oscilloscop ,Wavetek function generator, APPA105,CHAUVIN ARNOUX ca5220,YF-150 capacitance meter, I have also a Programming Device for Sterilizers series MILLENNIUM.



Jestine Yong  - What’s your favourite test equipment and why do you like it?


Bougrine- All my equipment are favourite.




Jestine Yong - What was the last electronic book and magazine you read?


Bougrine- Every information about recent technologies in electronic from the net. By the way your LCD MONITOR REPAR book is excellent.




Jestine Yong – Thanks for the compliment on my eBook. Generally on average how many types of electronic equipment you can repair in a day?


Bougrine- In dental Two, Camcordrers two, Tvs 3 to 4. It depends on a kind of faults too.



Jestine Yong  - Would you kind to share to ERG members what are the procedures that you use in order to repair no power symptom in a Television/Monitor?


Bougrine- In many recent apparatus , there are lcd panel error code, or flashing led. If the power supply dead I proceed as follow:

Checke voltages in the secondary  supply power: +5v,+12v,+B,-5v,3.3v etc…if absent, check the main switch transistor, look for burned components, shorted. If no shorted or burned components unplug the power and check power ic voltage and wave form if the Ic vcc is ok , wave form ok and no open resistors, remains to check secondary diodes, and regulator Ics(rarely fail).


 electronic equipment repair



Jestine Yong - Does your company have any contracts (or appointed as an Authorized Service Centre) with any major brands of equipment?


Bougrine- Yes. I am authorized to install, repair and monitor the device for an Italian manufacturer of dental equipments.





Jestine Yong - Do you meet regularly with other electronic repairers to discuss about electronic problems and solutions?


Bougrine- In my workshop I receive from time to time other repairers who have problems of diagnosing.



Jestine Yong - Do you do your own R & D to find a better solution in electronic repair, for example like coming out with your own way of solving a particular circuit problem?


Bougrine- Failures of electronic devices are logical. Just make sure you understand the operating mechanism of SMPS for example to solve problems as a result.




 Jestine Yong - What are the biggest problems you are facing in the Electronic repair business nowadays?


Bougrine- Lots of components are surrounded by secrets of manufacturers. Even if we find the fault, there will be no possibility of finding the component, or purchase more expensive.




Jestine Yong- What is the best strategy to convince a customer to send repair item to you or your company?


Bougrine- Customers need my services and I don’t need to convince them.


 junk boards


Jestine Yong- Do you give credit terms to your customer or purely accepting cash after the repair work is done?


Bougrine- Accepting cash after the repair work is done.





Jestine Yong- Let’s assume that your repair business is full of competition. What do you have to do to give yourself an edge over your competitors?


Bougrine- We must be updated.





Jestine Yong  - Do you have any tips for anyone who wants or plan to set up their own Electronic repair shop?


Bougrine- You must have excellent electronics training and at least some computer training, because all recent devices are computerized.




Jestine Yong - What advice would you give to a beginner who wishes to join this trade?


Bougrine- To be serious and qualified.




Jestine Yong - What advice would you give to an experienced or professional electronic repairer?


Bougrine-We are driven by customers. As a result, we have to make them to happy.




Jestine Yong - Did you make mistakes that others could learn from?


Bougrine- Yes. Make sure you check the warranty period first before repair. No credit, only cash.




Jestine Yong- Do you plan to write a book on electronic repair?


Bougrine- At the moment, no!




Jestine Yong- Most successful people have a role models. Who is your role model?


Bougrine-I do not know if I am successful, I know that I am happy. That's already good.




Jestine Yong- What are your future plans? Long term plans?


Bougrine- The medical electronic has the future, the robot too. Traditional repair will be exceeded. Until then we have to be up to date in our job.


 electronic store


Jestine Yong- What is your final message to our readers?


Bougrine- I’d like to see a web created between us all repairers.




Jestine Yong- Thanks Bougrine.


Bougrine-Thanks Jestine. You are welcome and thank you for your courage to teach and propagate reliable values. Have a nice time



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