7 Ways On How To Save Your Time In The Electronic Repairing Line 


Many of my previous monthly repair articles talked about practical side in electronic repair, somehow I feel that I would like to share this topic about Saving Time In Electronic Repair Line. Although this is not a major topic, it somehow will eventually change your mindset and end up bringing more profit to you without you actually realizing it. Here I would like to share out how you can save your repair time and have more time in a day to repair more equipment and increasing your profit.


1) Not Keeping Spare Parts


electronic spare part



If you are a seasoned electronic repairer or full time in this repair line and you do not keep some fast going parts then you may have lost some of your precious repair time. Do you know that it is a real time consuming to go to the supplier and buy only the parts that you need? If you are a part timer or just doing repair as a hobby then YES i understood that you have the choice of not keeping spare parts. However if you are a professional electronic repairer and not keeping those fast moving parts you are actually NOT thinking big! I actually had come across such electronic repairers and had spoken with them before and their response was “If I want the part then I will go to the electronic supplier again”.


Don’t they ever calculate the time for them to travel, petrol, paying toll, parking and etc? All these little tiny things actually had eaten up their precious time without they realizing it and they should focus to spend more time in repair rather then everyday or every other day going to the electronic shop just to get one or some particular parts. Well I’m not here to tell them what one should or should not do in fact it is more like a good advice to them hope that they could save some of their time.


electronic parts


Spend some of your time to check on the record book of yours or from your workers to see which parts that changed the most in a week and etc. Buy some extra and keep it and I can guarantee that you will not waste your time anymore. Only go to the supplier once or twice a week and of course this also depends on the location of your suppliers.


2) Not Enough of Test Equipment




There is no doubt that the more test equipment you have the better chances of solving electronic problem fast. There are many times I had replied to questions that had posted to me where I have suggested them to check on a particular section, the problem was that they do not have such test equipment (for example like ESR or Ring Tester) to perform the test. If it involved of electrolytic capacitors, I would just ask them to directly replace it and retest the set again. Yes they can actually do this but very time consuming. How nice if they themselves have the ESR meter so that they would not have to solder out and replace all electrolytic capacitors and retest the set again. There is certain test equipment that you can choose not to buy it but for ESR meter-it is a must for all electronic repairers. Not long ago there was a ERG member emailed me that he encountered horizontal lines problem across the CRT Monitor screen. I told him to check the particular section and he told me he already tested all components in that section and could not find out the problem. I suggested to him that one have to use the Blue ESR meter to test on the non polar cap as digital capacitance meter do not have the capability to perform such test. Since he did not have this meter he directly replaced the cap and eventually it worked. Few days later he bought the Blue ESR meter from me.


The reason I wrote this is not to deliberately promote the Blue ESR meter but to let you know how good meter that can actually speed up the repair. Besides good meter you also need to invest on good and reliable tools like SMD rework station, branded soldering gun like Hakko/Goot and etc. Below is the latest laptop inverter/backlight tester that can speed up your repair without guessing which section that is having problem.


laptop tester



3) Not Keeping Junk Boards



I do not throw away all electronic boards in fact I kept those that have components where I always use. Many times I came across problematic components that I could not get parts either from local or international electronics supplier. Trying to search for the replacement will take up lots of your time. If possible allocate a small section in your workshop or your house (if you work from home) to place the junk boards. You wouldn’t know someday you might need it.


junk electronic board


Remember to keep those boards that have components where you commonly use otherwise your workshop or house would be full of garbage in the eyes of customers just in case if they see it. I have a friend who is in this electronic repair field and would not throw away any of the board or even bad electronic equipment (complete set) and this had caused his workshop to be very messy and you can hardly move around his shop.


It is a good practice to throw away those boards where more than 50% of the components already salvaged by you. Few days ago I passed by another shop (nearby my house) which belongs to my repair friend and I saw

Junk electronics boards outside his shop where all these boards need to be thrown away by the garbage collector. For your information his repair shop is quite neat and all the customers’ electronic equipment is well placed.



4) Not Asking Questions



If you are in doubt of solving a particular electronic problem or you totally do not know where to start then I suggest that you get help from the professionals as this is the fastest way to help you to understand a particular circuit and eventually solve the problem. Join any electronic repair forum (free or paid forum) that is related to your field of repair. If you are in the Television repair business then join the TV repair forum. Post your question correctly and tell them what you have checked. Please do not post such question like “I have a Samsung Television-no power and what is the solution”. I can guarantee that you will not get any reply from them and you may be reminded to post a more details of the problem.


One cannot expect to get a direct answer without much work. That means, you must tell them that you have checked a particular circuit and have tested such and such components and the power still did not functioning. Sometimes with a single reply from the forum member can instantly solve the Television problem where you have wasted a day trying to find out the problem. Getting help from your repair friends by calling them or email is also one of the fast way to solve electronic problem fast.



5) Not Enough Of Reading


Be it in reading of technical books or Electronic magazine you are just too lazy to read them but have time for other things. By just doing practical work would not be enough to make you good in the electronic repair line. Sometimes you need guidance from technical books written by good authors. I always tell my students that I have learnt a lot from many different electronic repair Guru’s by reading their book.


Reading electronics book


You will have the advantage of knowing and learning many repair tricks to solve electronic problems compares to other that wholly relies only on their experiences. Solving electronic problem fast means you are saving your time for another repair. Reading electronic magazines could help to update you in many different area like letting you know what are the latest test equipment been developed, what are the newest form of components been created, venue of electronic exhibitions, circuit ideas to improve your design and many more.


Do you know that searching the internet for information is one kind of reading too? Yes if you found a good website and with good contents you are actually reading. There are many good repair websites that are yet to be discovered. So spend some of your time to search for all these good contents website. Actually there is lots of good websites/forum that was written in Spanish language and you can use Google translation to translate those websites. One more thing, even getting the latest semiconductor databook or joining a program that can provides you with many latest semiconductor data could save you time. You can easily find an equivalent part number to use within minutes!


6) Not Doing Enough Research




If you want to be very good in the type of electronic equipment you are repairing then I suggest that you concentrate and do your own research on that particular equipment. Truly understand all its circuit functions with the help from schematic diagrams/books/websites and etc could turn you into a professional in a very less time.


Now my question here is not just to ask you about understanding of the equipment, in fact I’m encouraging you to come out with a way or rather a procedure that can help you to solve the problem fast. In order to be at that level you have to sacrifice your time to do many test on the equipment so that whenever customers complaint about a problem you can immediately pin point the exact location thus solving the problem fast and making you more money in a day.


7) Not Friendly To Others


Among all the above I could say that this is the greatest barrier and they will surely lose their time without they knowing it. These are the people that do not know what the meaning of manners and etc is. They do not bother about your feeling and prefer to offend you whenever they could. They are proud of themselves, ego and etc. Now I don’t say this for the sake of saying it in fact I have personally came across repairers that being rude, arrogant toward me. I knew this from the emails that I got from them. They were harsh, not friendly and no manners in asking question as though that I owe them my life to them and some of them even using the abusive word (four letters word). No matter what kind of good advices you gave to them their respond was still provocative and the funny thing was they were happy to provoke you.


From the first few conversations through emails you could easily feels the negative side of them and normally I would end the conversation because I don’t want my mind to be bombarded with such negative word to start off with my day in the early morning.


If they could practice hatred, jealousy and all kind of negative thought toward other (fellow electronic repairers) do you think they have time to make good friends with others?  Our life on earth is not long and why not uses this precious time to be friendlier to others so we could achieve what out heart desire-to be a professional electronic repairer and be able to repair many electronic equipment and make more money from this great repair field. All the best to you and keep up the good work.



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