A Must Have Electronic Servicing Magazine, Books and Manuals To Keep You Up-To-Date To The Latest Technology In Repair and Troubleshooting


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Electronic Repairing Books


As a repairer, we need to read electronic servicing magazine and books to keep us up-to-date on the latest technology, techniques and information on how to troubleshoot electronic equipment. We need to learn how the new circuit works so that we will be able to repair them fast. Take my experienced for example, those old days Computer Monitor don’t have the high resolution (SVGA) mode, but now all Monitor in the market is running at very high resolution. In order for a Monitor to run at high resolution it must required either a boost or a buck circuit.


electronic servicing magazinesFirst I was struggling to understand this ‘new circuit’, but after went through some electronic repair books, service manual and magazines, I’m not only able to fully understand this new circuit but also be able to tackle the problems caused by this new circuit efficiently and fast. If you fully understand how a circuit works in electronic equipment, your troubleshooting time can be cut short into half or more. Some repair technicians and engineers need 2 hours to repair power supply problem but some only need less than an hour (I’m referring to the same model of power supply they repaired).


Electronic repairing as they say, a “growth industry”, with many new electronic technologies, products and equipments in the market, there is a large demand for electronic repairers. This is a very good opportunity for us but sadly said that not many will be able to solve the problems due to lack of electronic repair knowledge.


The circuit is getting more complex and components are getting smaller and smaller. All these problems have to be solved otherwise there will be fewer chances that you can repair the equipment. In other words, electronic repairers are facing countless obstacles. The solution for you is to keep abreast of each new development in the industry to emerge as a competitive and valued service provider. Besides attending the manufacturers’ service workshop or seminars, you must be also informed by reading electronic servicing magazine and books too. I have wrote an e-book on how to identify burnt resistor value specially for repairer. Click here to see for yourself.


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Electronic Servicing Magazine 


Electronic repair and troubleshooting manuals or schematic can be among one of your most cost-effective servicing “tools”. Spending few dollars on the right manual or schematic can earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It opens up a whole new world of never ending knowledge in electronic servicing. Always be on the look out for any latest diagram and manuals. What you have gathered now, you can set aside one or two hours a day to read all this information. This can help you to keep you abreast of new developments of any circuit and repair techniques.


electronic servicing booksAdditionally, this information will assist you to be a more efficient electronic technician or engineer. Once in a while I will scan through bookshops to search for any latest electronic servicing magazines and books. If I see one that can help me to speed up my repair job, I will definetely will buy it. I also do subscribe to monthly electronic technology magazine to get the latest news from semiconductor manufacturers.


In my case, I spent at least two hours each day to read electronic servicing magazine and books and even visit forums too. I had learned a lot of repair tips and information, which helped me to be more efficient and enhanced my knowledge about electronic troubleshooting. I have benefited tremendously from reading the technical information.


I am now a successful electronic repairer with a rapidly growing business, which specializes in repairing monitors, printers and giving technical courses. I strongly believe that, if a person has the faith and discipline in him, he will surely achieved what he dream of.


There is a saying “Vision without action is just a dream”. Set your vision today, I mean now, start finding electronic servicing magazine, books and manuals to read, and who knows one day you will become one of the most successful electronic repairer and have tons of equipment for you to repair.


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Schematic Diagram For A Computer Monitor