9 Electronics Related Websites You Should Have Bookmarked…. But Probably Don’t  

Sometimes we think that we could remember those important websites that we have came across but somehow we just forgot to bookmark them. Below are just some of the good websites that I think you should bookmark it for easy reference:

http://elektrotanya.com/(Contains service manual and other very useful repair information in Hungarian Language-you may need Google translation to do the job for you.) 


http://www.s-manuals.com/smd(About SMD components coding) 


http://www.techniforum.eu/(Electronics repair repair forum that cover many topics) 


http://www.edaboard.com/(Electronics forum . Try type in the word “transistor” in the Advance search at the top right side and you will get lots of good info related to transistors. Remember to try on other electronics keyword.)


http://www.repairfaq.org/REPAIR/(Lots of Repair info By Samuel Goldwasser) 


http://mayohardware.blogspot.com/(About Laptop repairs) 


http://www.marsport.org.uk/smd/mainframe.htm(About SMD components coding) 


http://www.epanorama.net/(Lots  of electronics related information) 


The website below is for those who repair LCD TV. Check out the photos about the LCD TV repair seminar and how they have placed the LCD for troubleshooting. The workbench has a special support (that can be adjusted to fit into any LCD TV) to hold the TV in slanting position  so that the repair tech could have a better view and position to troubleshoot the TV. 



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