Finding Monitor Flyback Transformer Substitution with the help of Schematic and Cross Reference

flyback transformer monitor


The Monitor flyback transformer comes with many parts number, design and winding values. Even though it have different part numbers, some can be use to replace on another monitor! Monitor flyback transformer are manufactures by many different manufacturers thus many different types of part numbers are produced. If you know the winding value of each flyback then it is easy for you find a substitution.

One example is the Samtron flyback with part number of FKD15A001 and is the same as FKG15A001. Another good example is the acer monitor-19.00026 same as 19.00038. In order to successfully find out whether a particular flyback can be substitute with another part number or even with another brand of flyback transformer is to use an inductance meter.

Usually monitor flyback transformer have few pins that are important which is the B+ pin, collector pulse pin, G1, AFC (automatic frequency control), X-RAY PROTECH, ABL (automatic blanking limiter), GROUND, and horizontal centering pin. If you want 100% sure that the replacement flyback can work for your monitor, you have to first calculate the inductance values of each winding.

Tolerances should be around 5-10 % and make sure you know which pin you are measuring. Let’s say the original flyback primary winding (B+  pin and collector pulse pin) have a inductance value of 1.5 milihenry then the substitution flyback should have a value somewhere between 1.4 to 1.6 milihenry. If the inductance value is too high or too low, it will cause the monitor display horizontal size becomes too large or too small and even can burn the Horizontal output transistor in split of seconds.


flyback transformer schematic

The flyback transformer pinouts winding value that you should know before substitution


Your next move is to find out the value of Ground to G1, Ground to AFC and so on. If you want to find out the ABL pin you can refer to this abl pin out article. If you have a flyback transformer schematic or circuit diagram then it would be good to help you to easily locate the right pins. If you don’t have then you have to find the pin on your own with the inductance meter.

It may take you some time to master the art of checking the inductance value of flyback but the time you have invested is well spent and who knows one day you can get the right substitution of monitor flyback transformer even without the help of a flyback transformer cross reference schematic. One last word, whether it is a Imac, Hitachi, Sony, Rca Tv, or any type of flyback, the method of finding the substitution is the same. It just need hard work.