7 Tips For A Better Year 


Usually, the monthly repair newsletter that you had received was about repairing. But somehow I find that since this is the first repair newsletter for this year 2010, I guess that I have to write an article that can help or motivate you so that you will have an amazing year.  You can treat this article as a guide to help you in fulfilling your resolution for this year. There is no use of learning all the repair tips and tricks if you have forgotten/neglect some of the basic things in life. Here are the 7 tips on how to make 2010 a fulfilling year.


1) Set realistic goals



Ever wonder why you can’t achieve your goals? The reason for it was because you set too many goals and never committed of doing it.  If you set too many goals, your focus will be out and you will lose the concentration.  It is not wrong to set many goals but if you did not spend your time in fulfilling your goals then you will not be able to make it by the end of the year. By then, you may tell yourself to postpone it to another year.


Anyone can set all kind of goals for their New Year resolution but one has to be realistic about their goals.  Quite often I got emails from beginners saying that they want to be able to repair all electronic equipments in the world like TV, Monitor, Audio, Radio, DVD, Medical Equipment and etc.  It is not wrong to have this kind of goals but one has to focus otherwise they will be confused about the electronic circuits. I told them one has to start from the basic first, choose the field they preferred to be in and once they are already good in that field, then only they move to another field.


For example, if you want to be good in LCD TV repair then get/buy information about the LCD TV repair, visit LCD TV repair forums, discuss with repair friends who are also in that field and so on. It may take years to become a real pro n LCD TV repair.  It also depends on how hardworking that person is. Don’t forget, new technologies and new designs of LCD TV would always enter the market and this will even take more of your time to analyze the new circuit and problems.


If during the LCD TV repair learning period, you suddenly change focus to repair Medical equipment, then your LCD TV repair experience would be hanging half way.  After few months, you change your field again to DVD repair. You have to start all over again to learn about the laser head assembly, loading system and etc.


At the end you are just a semi skill repair tech. You have to be a professional in order to succeed in your life and making money.

Make this year different and set only few goals and be committed to achieving them. Please ensure that your goals are realistic.



2) Focus in your health



This can be your greatest asset or your greatest liability. If your health is no good, your job performance will be affected.  Health is gold and not wealth is gold! Without health you can’t gain wealth.  With wealth it is not necessary you have a good health! Nowadays, many of the world best marketing seminars conducted by Anthony Robbins and some other good speakers, one of their main topic was about health! It is not just about marketing secrets and making more sales; it is about how to get your health to make wealth! Without good health, other thing doesn’t matter anymore.  For example, if you spend most of your time in the hospital (for check up, treatments and etc), do you think you will have time for other things? You will worry about the consequences of the sickness and the sickness will drain you off physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. So take this New Year as a resolution to improve your health. 


Make an appointment for a check-up with your doctor, implement an exercise programme if you don’t have one, take vitamins if you need to and resolve to kick unhealthy habits like smoking.


3) Invest in your development



If you study successful people, you’ll discover that they all have one secret: learning. A commitment to learning has given them the knowledge and tools to succeed. It will do the same for you. Successful people don’t waste their time learning things that take their focus from achieving success. They decide on what they want to succeed at, and become an expert by studying everything they can on the subject.


Recently, there was an article that says people who spend a thousand dollars or more on their personal development will increase their business by 20%. Read books, attend workshops, find a new network, listen to tapes or CDs in your car, getting good tools to cut short your repair time, take up online courses or enrol at a university or learning centre. 


Last year, I had attended 2 workshops. One was about how to write a book and make your book to be a bestseller and the other one was about internet marketing. I also bought few books and Magazine on electronics and marketing subjects. Spend time learning something new every day. Not only will you be more fulfilled person, you’ll be miles in front of your competitors who just stay “comfortable’ and do the same thing. Keep your brain active. Get involved. Get educated everyday.


4) Eliminates time robbers



Make a list of the things that rob you of your precious time. For example, checking your emails too often, having long phone calls and watching too much TV. You should spend more of your time on how you can become better in the field you are in. Ask yourself this question “how many times that you have set your resolution and never achieved it?” There must be a reason why you did not fulfilled your dream and the reason is the time robbers!


Focus on controlling your time and get rid of the things in your life that are not a high priority.


5) Make time for those you care for



Balancing work and home life is a challenge for many of us. Be focused on those you love and please do not forget to remind them how much they mean to you. Neglecting your time and love for your love one is a big mistake that you should avoid. If you have kids just about the age of mine (less than 12 years old) then I guess you need to spend a little more time with them. Once they are in the teenage life, don’t expect they will have time for you as they may have their own programs, decisions, plans and etc.


Although one day they will leave you for work (outstation), study in overseas and etc, at least they will have a sweet memory of you being together with them before. All these good and sweet memories will not be erased from their mind forever.


6) Plan your next holiday



Allocate a specific time in your calendar for your next holiday trip so you have something to look forward to. Remember this famous proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. According to Wikipedia website, its meaning is that without time off from work, a person becomes bored and boring.


Yes, bored and boring! Many times during my holiday trip, I got my body and mind rested and the good thing was that many new ideas birthed during the trip! Now I have set 2 goals for this year that need to be completed.


7) Choose to be amazing



Every morning when you wake up, you will have lots of decision to make. There was a survey that says an average person made about 700 decisions per day! The decisions such as should I take breakfast in the house or at the office, should I use second gear or third gear, should I turn left or right, should I drive faster or slow, should I park here or the other side, should I check the power supply circuit first or the high voltage area first, should I measure this transistor or check the capacitor first, Should I check the part number from the data book or from the internet first and etc.


I hope that the decision that you want to choose for yourself each and every day before you go to work is to be amazing! It is your choice and not other people’s choice. Make a commitment to yourself each morning that you will have an amazing day. Making the wrong decision on that day and you will find that it will be hard for you to go through that day. You may end up depress, rejected and even be filled with all kind of negative thoughts.


Conclusion- If you have never experience the joy of completing any resolution before, then I suggest that you reread this article again. You have to be persistent and committed of accomplishing your goals. Even when you are halfway reaching your goal, give yourself a pat on the shoulder because you will know that eventually your goals will be achieved. The completion of my eBooks brought joy to me as well as to my family members. The best of all is to make the most of this New Year by staying positive and productive. Happy New Year 2010!




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