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transistorTransistor replacement and substitution secrets

It is important for a repair technician and engineer to know about transistor replacement or substitution. Whenever you come across any part number that you could not find in the market, you can always use a replacement part number. The problem is, there are many parameters that we need to understand before we get one for substitution. A wrong parameters or specification will caused your newly bought replacement part number burnt in split of seconds. Reading this article will add to your electronic repair knowledge especially locating the right transistor for replacement.

Understanding transistor cross reference or datasheet specification tips

Getting the right transistor cross reference semiconductor book or guide will help you to locate the replacement part number fast. One of the well famous master replacement guide book is the Philip ECG Semiconductor Replacement Guide. In this article, you will be shown the comparison of Philip ECG and other transistor guide book in terms of some important parameters. If you do not have one of these guide, make sure you get one if you want to be successful in electronic repair.

High voltage transistor

Discover the secrets that you should know about high voltage transistor