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Interview with Don Farlow-Professional Electronic Repairer From Florida USA






ERG - How are you Don?


Don - I am fine. Thank sir very much.


ERG - How’s life as an electronic repairer?


Don - It is my preference.


ERG - How long have you been in the Electronic Repair line?


Don - I have 20 years experience as a repair technician.


ERG - What are the Electronic Equipment that you can repair?


Don - I can repair Home stereos, telephone equipment, video game consoles, professional audio equipment, computers, wireless communication equipment, more.


ERG - Do you learn the repair on your own or from a Guru/courses/forum/books and etc?


Don - Somewhat all the above.


ERG - What is your education background?


Don - High school diploma, two (2) years vocational school, two (2) years community college.


ERG - How much time do you spend on equipment before you give up? Why do you give up?


Don – Sometimes hours, sometimes days. I don't like to give up on personal matters. In business you have to draw evaluations. But if the customer is willing and the unit is coming back to life I will put what time it takes to make the satisfaction on both sides.


ERG - What’s your favourite test equipment and why do you like it?


Don - Tektronics 210 Oscilloscope and up. I like the unit’s high frequency reading, hfe capability, internal storage, and computer transfer cable hook-up. 


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ERG - Which electronic repair website you frequently visited and why do you like it?


Don - I mostly upgrade, work-on, and repair computers and such. I'm not much of a webber.  


ERG - What was the last electronic book and magazine you read?  


Don - Popular electonics


ERG - Do you do your own R & D to find a better solution in electronic repair, for example like coming out with your own way of solving a particular circuit problem?


Don - Certainly!  


ERG - Generally on average how many types of electronic equipment you can repair in a day?  


Don - Depends on how many phone calls I deal with during the day, how many walk-in

customers, how many pick-ups, and what types of equipment. Some days 1, some days 3

some days 5.


ERG - Do you meet regularly with other electronic repairers to discuss about electronic problems and solutions?  


Don - Just Steve and a friend of mine name Gary Morris. I used to work with him at Protel and GTE.


technical department


ERG - What are the biggest problems you are facing in the Electronic repair line nowadays?


Don - Parts availability in the game console industry. 


ERG - Have you come across any electronic equipment that you can’t repair? And how do you plan to solve it?  


Don - I don't mess with Television too much mostly because of bulk. Pain in the butt. But I think Steve plans on changing that.


ERG - What advice would you give to a beginner who wish to join this trade?  


Don - Go to school, pay attention, dive into all of it, and don't be afraid to work on any of it.  


ERG - What is your future plan for your electronic repair career?


Don - Stick with Steve for 20 or so years.



ERG - Thanks Don!


Don - Thank you sir, Mr. Yong, for your time and energy. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this. Again, thank you sir.


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PS. If you would like me to interview you, just drop me an email and I’ll arrange it from there. It is not necessary that you must be the owner of a company, as long as you are dealing with electronics (electronic repairers, suppliers, dealers and etc) we can proceed with the interview!



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